Unhappy Success – John Are you happy ?

“I know you are searching for pleasure, I can satisfy your needs” – Angelina said, With an evil smile on her beautiful face..

Being Single at the age of 27 feels like a curse, When after trying for millions of time – They leave you saying, You are damn boring and definitely not the right person to be with – This is how exactly John was feeling, Sitting alone in his flat and smoking a pack of cigarettes is the only thing left in his life.

I known being intelligent can make it hard to hold on to a relationship, especially when you know the other person is just after your wealth, and have no real interest in you – This was constantly repeating in his mind.

JOHN was one of the most successful business tycoon the world had ever seen. He had businesses in around 178 countries in the world. One of the youngest businessmen with a worldwide networks.

In his nineteen’s he stepped into the world of blogging, His main focus was on been an entrepreneur and helping people to start up their own business. After consistently posting up original and helpful content he was nominated as the world most Smart-Ass person.

As years passed by, he started up his own company who assisted start-ups, and provided them with the best guidelines. Every new start-up was an experiment for him, from which he learned the steps not to be taken while starting up a company.. Few of the times he failed miserably, but that failure didn’t stop him. With the support of 72 members of his company he decided to open up a branch in another country, which would help them in research,analysis, and planning process.

It was hard at first for the 22 year old adult to take this big decision, But he believed in his dreams which made it easy and Possible.

If you would have seen john, when he was graduating form University of Northampton, He was friendly but very sensitive. He knew lots of people but didn’t had any close-friends. He always stood out from the rest, He was clear in presenting his views and thoughts, Someone upon whom you can relly for knowledge.

John had a hard time maintaining relationship, Because he know the dramas going around were energy draining. ALONE that’s the word he preferred when asked by his so called friends to join for a party.

“Party is just a synonyms of pulling someone’s leg down” – He said to himself.

“Work – to – Work”, John’s moto of life.

“Romantic? Not at all”

“Love – How do you even spell it”

“Have you ever smiled”

“Attitude ? huh ?- keep it to yourself”

“You are a loser – learning to kiss”

“When was the last time you had some cocky fun”

“Come on, atleast hold my hand. You make me feel lonely”

He got frustrated with this thoughts, taking over his consciousness.. He took out the last piece of cigarette remaining in the packet and yelled out loud..

“Why is it bad to be soo nice, What wrong have i done? Never hurted anyone, nor had a fight.. Then why me” – Tears flowed through his eyes.

Be yourself – A Voice kicked in”

He wore his suits, dressed up neat – it was nearly 8:35 at night, Jumped into his Ferrari and drove at high speed, breaking all the signals, escaping from death almost 3 times in a row. Finally he stopped at a club, Threw his blazer into the next seat, Entered furiously. His eyes searching for someone who can satisfy his urges, at this moment..

Eyes in which he can get lost into a different universe, Lips that can make his dry lips wet, Someone who can make him forget his life for a few minutes or hours. Someone who can console him and tell him – he was not a failure, but the right time had not arrived.

“What can i have for you sir?”

“Anything, that can kill me slowly, and i must feel the pain” – he replied.

“That won’t help sir” – She replied in a calm tone, And seemed as she was concerned.

“What makes you think it won’t help?”

“I had a friend, Who was addicted to drugs – She wanted to die slowly, but ended up committing suicide” – She replied in a sad voice.

(A girl appeared from John’s right, holded his hands)

“Ohh, You seem stressed up, Aren’t you?”

“Me ?”

“I know you are searching for pleasure, I can satisfy your needs” – Angelina said, With an evil smile on her beautiful face..

“Follow me”

(Her voice was magnetic, She took her towards the second floor of the club. Rooms booked for VIP)

“What’s here ?”

“Satisfaction and Pleasure”

(It was dark, She switched on the lights. The room was beautifully decorated, as it is decorated on a honeymoon night)

“She started making him comfortable, and started undressing him – That’s when the bell rang”

—- To be continued…

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

Richard? Richard? – John Shouted (Part 2)

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