Living this life

There are a few truths I have come to know:

(1) Everyone has a story. Everyone! I don’t care how pretty they make their life out to be. Life on social media. They only want to show you the best, but everyone has a story.

(2) Everyone has a dream. Do you have a dream? What’s your dream? You know why some of you don’t want to tell me what your dream is? Because you think someone is going to think it’s stupid. You think someone is going to make fun of you. Someone is going to tell you you can’t. You don’t even believe it yourself. Own it. Claim it. Be confident in your dream. Be confident in your abilities. Everyone has a dream whether they choose to share it out loud or not.

(3) I also know every individual has a gift, a talent. Sometimes we are born with it and sometimes it gets developed by our experiences, through adversity. Each of you have a gift.

(4) Education is an equalizer. It evens the playing field no matter your background.

(5) The concept of failure is a load of crap! Do you know what failure is? Failure is FEAR. That is all it is. Fear stops us. Fear keeps us from trying. Failure is fear. Don’t let fear stop you.

(6) The last truth I know is; it feels good to win. It feels REAL good to win. Anyone here like to win? Me too!

– By Carol Rolke

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