She was in the red dress, and me in a white..

Having a glass of mocktail, in a fine shape glass of wine..

Looking through hundred of faces, her eyes met mine..

I Stood there cold, feeling freezed from inside..

Her eyes was the thing, that made me warm for a short-period of time..

It was just few minutes later, I saw her comin towards – cutting through the guest whom she had invited ..

Handling me the glass of mocktail, She tried to seduce me through her deep black eyes..

Dance was the move that bought her close to me, I felt her warm skin touching mine..

It felt like a second passed by, Excuse me can i borrow her ? Was a man standing behind.

No, She said- holding my Arm strong and tight..

Who is he ? i asked her with a softness in my voice..

A person who is madly in love with me, but had captured me like a bird that slowly dies in the cage..

I have lost myself, to please him – by doing whatever he say..

But today, I am free and wanna fly as high as the eagle spread his wings in the wide sky..

I saw through her eyes, A bruised soul with a painful life..

The night was getting darker, & the moon with all it’s light.. Wind blowing like a storm in the wildlife..

We sat together on the long chair in the garden – which surrounded us with it’s trees and it’s mesmerising beauty and that romantic lights..

The perfect moment when she slept hugging me tight..

I still remember vividly that man in white, Who found his love in the girl wearing red with a glass of mocktail in the wine shape glass with a deep black eyes..

— Abdul Gani Punjabi