Is that True !!

I wanna kill myself, But the water is blue..

I wanna shoot myself, But the bullet is not enough to kill me.

I wanna Jump out of the train, But the tracks are made up of iron rod too..

I wanna cut myself, But the knife is without sharp edge..

I wanna smoke weed, but they ask for money – which i never had..

I wanna cry, But the world is wide and huge..

I wanna say NO, But then the child cry..

I wanna stand for the weak, But the strong wanna have fun – and the weak enjoy..

I wanna hate them, But their soul emits a bright light..

I wanna change, But the evil is strong out there.

I wanna drink, But the blindness after it – Is life taking.

I wanna live, But my soul don’t wanna forgive..

Finally i had decided, Just One more day to give life a chance… And just be..

Today – I am 47 and living a happy and satisfied life..

Just give life a chance dear, It has wonder to do !!

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

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