Today’s Wedding…

Just few minutes ago i posted about my yesterday wedding experience..

And now here i am with today’s experience…

It is truly said “You get your provision from where it is written for you”..

So in evening i went to my aunt house to collect some documents and she said,”Be ready – after an hour we are going for a wedding”..

But Whose ? i asked..

And she said it was of someone from our family.. She had the invitation, and it said family invitation..

So i took a break of an hour got ready and joined her for the wedding..

Today’s Wedding was not that grand but it was good, the food was delicious, chicken mutton, Pepsi + Ice cream…

after joining the wedding i came to know it was of a person i knew somehow… and mostly my cousins were present… So “woho” The Stage was filled with lights and flower ⚘🌷🌼🌻🌺

So here she enters the hall…

I heard she spent nearly 1 lakh on her make-up and cloths.. or maybe more than that.. The dress seems so heavy …

How do they carry it ? i am still questioning myself πŸ€”

Sometimes i don’t have enough words to describe beauty… So you better select whatever word you want 😍

That’s the man ! Surrounded by his friends… Friends = Life ❀

That’s all i could get for today… because i was in hurry as my lil cousin brother had School tomorrow – So we left early..

“Blessed are the person who are married, if you can’t love your wife, you don’t love yourself enough”

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

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