Indian Weddings…

Wedding Something I enjoy…

This was a sudden invitation when my uncle called up and said, “Be ready time to go for a wedding…

“Ok” ! I am ever ready i replied..

To attend weddings is something i always dreamed of… That joy, fun and specially that feeling of love..

So that’s the entry into the Big ground ❤

They look so “Perfect” together..

May God bless them with a happy life ..

The menu, can you imagine there were more than 40 items! Yeah – 40 .. They were so tasty and delicious..

Veg + Non-Veg 😘

The preview of the side of the hall the dinning place 😍

Yes that the “Hokkah Place” let me make this clear i smoked hokkah for only 1 time in my life.. But yesterday.. I took the advantage… Though i have no idea “How to take a sip”

I don’t drink but yeah i do 😂😂😂..

Enough is enough…. stop it Ag 👹👺

Yeah That’s how i looked – 😂😂

The World Coffee … Drink whatever flavour you want..

Great confusion “What to select” ?

The Ducati at the entrance… They were really rich (May God Bless them with more)

The “Hayabhusa“… Opps did i spelled it wrong?.. Doesn’t matter 😉

Feel it as if you are standing here with me 😎

Let’s end it with a lemon drink 🍸🍸

Met someone special… but couldn’t gather the courage to talk to her…

There are many special person in my life .. But some places are reserved for the extra-ordinary…

They might look simple to you but for me they are “Extra-Ordinary

I love wedding… I just imagine how my wedding would look like ❤💑

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

11 thoughts on “Indian Weddings…

  1. I went on an adventure today. That was amazing. I’ve never seen so many “couches” in one place other than a furniture store. The guests were made very comfortable. So many delightful options for food and drink. That would have been my “fat” day. Thanks for sharing, it was fun.

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