Begin with the end

I kept on trying, deep inside i was dying.

All i needed was someone to care for me when i was Standing alone in my life fighting..

I couldn’t explain them what’s happening in my mind, and this voice in me is slowly dying..

It seems like someone had poisoned me, and i can’t breathe even when i am really totally physically fine.

I seeked for a path but i am confused because i see everyone else leaving me behind..

I have many dreams, but can’t live my life – According to the way i have decided..

But then One day i stopped and tried, imagining the Beautiful end of the things i should be trying…

That’s how i started once again and won my life, because i was missing the concept of “Beginning with the end” in my mind 😊

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

One thought on “Begin with the end

  1. Same feeling as i feel abdul Ghani now i stop imagine any thing and try to live in present and thanks to Allah that time pass peacefully no ones know what happen in future .May Allah protect all of us

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