The Connection

Feel it deep within your soul, the connection is kept on a hold.

There are process which we passes through, some call it awakening, while some call it dark period of the soul. Why do you even need to know, depression is the beginning of the flow. The consciousness which you experience is low because the connection with the soul has a hole. To fill the hole, put your ego around the poles, which separates the real from the unknown.

The consciousness keeps on expanding more and more, when you are aware of that hole, you starts to reap the benefits that only few of them knows. The deeper you feel, the harder it hit, the better the Connection with the source.

When Once connected with the source, the world around you seems like a stage where everyone is just playing their roles. But your’s is the biggest role, because the stage is set for you, and you are comparing your progress with someone else goal.

It’s time to hold, and look within for the role, the more deeper the Connection, the more harder you hit the life of those who are in search of the purpose of their soul.

—– Abdul Gani Punjabi

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