Give it a GO !

When you have something in mind that does not let you sleep, just give it a GO.

What does it mean ?

It means to pursue that inner- voice and take action without judgements or fear.

We fear almost everything. But my Question is, what is fear ? Where did it came from ? Why is it – some are afraid of dogs, while some play with dogs. Some scream while seeing a cockroach, while the other lift the cockroach and throw it of ?

Fear passes from one person to another like a VIRUS. Just imagine, you know how to swim and your friend does not, he see you swimming and jump in the pool thinking he can also swim. Same goes for fear, when we see someone fearing something, we start fearing that thing, even when we have the ability to cope up with it.

This is very easy to understand, next time when you fear something, ask yourself, IS THIS FEAR MINE ??

And most of the time you will be shocked to see that, 99 % fears are not yours, they came from Vicarious(Observation) learning.

If you have an urge to do something, Get up and do it, People will always speak behind your back when you do something, and they will also say when you don’t do anything.

So why not let’s just do it. If you like someone tell them, if you want a job – Go and search.

Right now while writing this article i have nothing in mind but just One thing “Give it a GO – Consistency” and believe me automatically your hand will start to type and will come up with new thoughts and ideas you yourself never imagined.

Next time you have fear of anything “Feel it deeply, Accept it, feel the sensations in your body until it shakes and shiver, and then you will notice you have conquer your fear”. You have that courage to get-up, but you are too lazy to even feel your fear.

Try new things, Do the uncomfortable, Growth is never found in the comfort zone !

Don’t find that “KICK” which will give you a Start, Just start and you will find the right “KICK“..

—— Abdul Gani Punjabi

2 thoughts on “Give it a GO !

  1. I think most fears are learned rather than instinctual. I think though. and of course, this is just my opinion, A fear can cripple and overwhelm someone so much that it ingrains itself into you. Becomes a part of you. Learning how to control that part, for a lot of people, can be very hard.

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