Mom on this vacation i have planned to learn “How to ride a Bicycle”,He said it energetically.

“Ok”,she said while smiling. But get ready now you have your flight tonight.

“Yes Mom”.

Okay – Now listen, Eat food on time, sleep on time, Pray on time, Do not harass your sisters and your grandparents, Be obedient – And yes “I love You” ❤.

“Mom” – He hugged her tight. I will miss you, i wish you were with us. “Take care of your Sisters”,She said tears started flowing from her eyes.

Bye !

“hmm,Back to india – It’s raining and the smell of soil is irresistible ~ I love it”, “Mee too” – His sister replied. Come on move faster, uncle would be waiting for us, We need to catch the train at 5.

“Peace”,Saying that they hugged their uncle altogether.

“Finally we are back at home safely” – Peace Grandma, Peace Grandpa.. It’s soo long since we have seen you, How are you both? and their conversation carried on for an hour or more.

Grandma I will be back soon, He said and went outside. “Zaidd” – He shouted, “Ohh, you are back 😍” – How are you? When did you came? how is life out there? tons of questions at single time. He replied them one by one. So what’s your plan in the hoilday? There are so much to do, but at first I wanna learn “how to ride a Bicycle”, Okay – We have two bicycle One is mine and the other of my sister. “Ok”, Let’s start from Tomorrow.

Zaid – let’s go. It’s already 9. “I am here, Let’s go”. But the thing is my sister also want to ride her cycle right now, so you sit behind me and when her turn finishes, you take it from her and practice.

Zaid – Will i be able to ride ever? give it a try bro I am sure you will do it. Ok now see she is done with her round, go and ask her to give you the cycle.

“Hey can i have your cycle?” – Why is it so hard to say this few words.. Eeeh .. Leave. Zaid ~ please go and ask her to give me, i am not able to speak a word infront of her. “Why”, Zaid asked. “I don’t know, I just don’t have that courage to ask her, My mind goes blank as soon as i see her”.. Hmm wait i will ask her – Come take it and practice, his sister replied.

That would happen everyday, he could not gather courage to ask that few words. But than one day her small sister asked him. “Do you like my sister?” – He was speechless, blushing. Hmm see how he is blushing she said to her other sisters. And that was the day he realised that actually he had a CRUSH on her.. As the days passed he started to like her even more. He would gather courage and would join them when they used to play badminton and cricket. “I wish when my turn comes, she would be the opponent” and that would happen most of the time. The feeling for her in his heart became more stronger. But he never expressed his feelings for her, he was just 13 at the time. And was Shy too. In the period of one month he fell, he learned and became good at riding cycle. But he forgot he had only 2 days remaining, And he became busy in packing his stuff. But whenever he heard her voice, he would run to the balcony just to watch a glance of her.

And the day came, Zaid – I am here to say you goodbye – I have my flight today, Are you there on any social sites? Not me but my sister – Wait i will ask her id. She wrote it on a paper and gave it to zaid. Here you go – You can message her and talk to me through her id. He was excited, and incredibly happy because now he can talk to her directly. he hugged zaid and went back to his home.

At evening, they left for Airport- He kept thinking should i say her what’s in my heart? or should keep it for the next time.

The story does not end here – The Unexpected happened..

To be Continued….

There he lived. (Part 2)

—Abdul Gani Punjabi