My Love you should know this!

Its been a long time since I came back to you! Months and years have passed but still my love for you has never reduced. Infact its increasing every single day!

What should I tell you about – My Love?

About my dreams, passions, visions, motivation, inspiration, setbacks, challenges, struggles, or just random things about life?

As I see where I have reached today – It seems like a dream in which I am awake!

Suddenly things have changed, life took a turn and here I stand!

One of the well-known, phenomenal & excellent Islamic & Humanitarian Leader of India – Told me: Abdul, I love you! in a gathering full of amazing people.

As I recall that memory and cherish it, while trying to look back… The drastic changes in my life, the heartbreaking decisions, the untold words & stories, the supression of emotions, and the loneliness on the way!

What should I tell you about – My Love?

Nowadays I feel like losing grip on writing & sharing myself! But I also know the work I am involved in is providing me peace and tranquilty.

There is soo much to tell you! But I will wait to meet you and inform you in person!

My Dear Love – Abdul!

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