My Beloved… If only we knew how much God loves us…

I wish it was easier for me to… 😌

Share… How much God loves us! That anything that harms, distracts, irritates, frustrates, anger, belittle, damage, and cause destruction to our own selves in the short or long term. He calls it a S.I.N.! 😣

Aah! What kind of an unconditional loving & caring God he is… 🥰

That he loves us to such an extent that he can’t see us hurting ourselves and leading ourself to our own destructions! 💛

Just for once – Trying looking at things he calls S.I.N. with a new lens filled with wisdom, insights & reasons! And you will find him in a different light! ✨

My Beloved! How narrow-minded we have become! That we don’t see with his light! And undoubtedly, we are pushing ourselves into chaos, fright, fear, depression, anxiety, guilt, grief, regret, and what not! 🧱

Give it a thought! And you will find God – the very closest to you! 🧣

Don’t turn away from his love and mercy! He is right there waiting for us! And we have arrogantly turned away our faces from all the sources of good we could have achieved under his guidance! 😓

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