Proximity in the Night Time

Night time, when the best thoughts strike your mind.

Night time, when dreams are what you give rise to.

Night time, when you are all alone, by yourself, sitting alone in dim light.

Night time, when your empty heart fills with nervousness.

And then a strike of lightning wakes you up… But does it stop you from dreaming and living your day to the fullest?

Does it stop you from doing what you wish for?

No. But it does stop you from looking down on yourself.

It stops you from thinking you are any less than what you are worth.

Take up this opportunity to explore yourself.

Don’t wait for the beam of sunshine, to tell you your purpose.

Rather, enjoy this time with yourself,

And understand what your motive is.

It will all be worth the wait,

Worth the trouble,

And worth the while.

But take all the chances you get,

To enjoy your life.

Rather it be day,

Or the night.

If you wish to share your thoughts (healthy criticism) with me, feel free to DM on Instagram- @aarya.jha18

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