I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life. To put to rout all that was not life; and not, when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived.

Does this ring a bell to you? It does to me.

This comes from Neil Perry, one of the greatest protagonists of the greatest movies of the century- ‘Dead Poets Society’ spewing out facts reading from the book of the very secret society. A society so drop dead valiant in itself. A society, a group of admiring poets, writers, dreamers, coming together to live their experiences of their lives extraordinary. A society, so youthful, so naive, wanting to breathe their breaths knowing to strive for themselves, strive for what makes them passionate, strive to make it till the end, a fulfilling one.


They say, it means Seize the day! Do you often give up at times after monotonous tries of getting a work done right? If yes, hello, welcome, you’ve been declared a sane human! We often get so caught up in doing the work we never intended to, yet continue it in a complacent way. Why are we afraid of trying New things? New Ideas? New Ways? Meeting New People? Going to New Places? Trying New Plans? You, yes you, the one reading, you my friend have such great potential! You are just one idea away of making your dream come true, one step away from making new friends that stick, one step away from putting yourself out to the world by speaking up, you’ve got it all, believe me!

How are we supposed to live a full life, you ask? Like Nike says- JUST DO IT. I know it seems scary at the moment, you would budge an inch, might even move a step back. But tell me, would you rather live in great desperation; in great guilt of never trying, or would you just go for it not thinking twice of what others would think of you, of what your neighbour would think of you, of what that neighbour’s dog might- okay, I see, you got my point!


While some may disagree, thinking a long life is the best life. I agree adding to it that a long life sustained alongside living a full life, a life not just long enough for you to sit and ruminate ‘When will I actually start living’ but ‘How can I live full everyday a little bit more.’ I wouldn’t scare you with the, ‘But oh darling, life is short!’, instead I’d say ‘Your life is what you make out of it’ the balance of the good and the lessons you learn from the bad, make you even more wiser and prepared for the “SO WHAT NEXT?”


You do You! Life long or short, know that everyday is a chance for you to become better, to improve, to shine. You know yourself so much more than anyone else does! In good times, Inspire others and be Inspired. In bad times, learn to find the happiness in the smallest of the things. Our life, our journey isn’t an upright smooth-surfaced shiny road on the highway. What it definitely is, is a bumpy rough-surfaced pale road in a forest, a forest that surrounds the road which is full of blooming leaves, trunky trees, colourful flowers, medicinal herbs and the tasty fruits. Haven’t you grabbed one tasty fruit already? Well then, what are you waiting for?

Hey Rhea here, if you have read until here, thank you, from the bottom of my heart! You can find me on Instagram at @basicallyrhea or click the link: https://instagram.com/basicallyrhea?igshid=ewa2z6xp6or0

Mkay, Smile Please 🙂

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