I don’t believe in INHERITANCE of FAITH!

Faith! what is it? Do we really understand it or we simply inherit it, just like we inherit traits from our parents. It has become a trend to believe in what the world believes. No matter right or wrong to fit in the society we need to follow this Trend. And if we try to look into the things by ourselves and know if it is really what it seems to be then we are criticized and this criticism is not easy to handle.

Faith is something which needs to be build slowly and steadily with time just like faith on our friend, our neighbour, ourselves and most importantly on our Creator. And to build faith we must have knowledge about that thing / person / creator, because without knowledge it becomes a blind faith and blind faith is actually “no faith”, it’s just the inheritance of ideas. And this art of inheriting ideas is going to put us in trouble someday!

I myself being a practical and logical person face this situation often. I don’t believe in what others say, I’ve got eyes to see, ears to hear, tongue to speak and a brain to differentiate between right and wrong. If I was supposed to survive only on others experiences and ideas then I won’t be having all these blessings. I know I’m here on this earth for a purpose and before anything else I should know what the purpose is so that I can fulfill it and to know the purpose I need knowledge, and for knowledge I have got the sources.

So it’s simple, if we don’t have knowledge about something / someone then we can’t say we’ve faith on them rather it’s the inherited ideas that we have and on which we believe just for the sake of believing!

The below three lines say everything, faith is not something which everyone can acquire easily:
“Almighty will order those who have had faith equal to the weight of a grain of mustard seed to be taken out from Hell”

Think about it!


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8 thoughts on “I don’t believe in INHERITANCE of FAITH!

  1. I personally have had this question multiple times ! For simplicity we can divide the ppl as no faith , blindly inherited faith, truly inherited faith – I see more honesty in no faith ppl than blindly inherited faith ! There is always a longing/ seeking in no faith person to find logical answers ! Blindly inherited ,their growth stops when they think there is nothing beyond what they believe ! I have similar blogs written! Thanks for sharing ! Keep writing

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  2. What you delivered is totally satisfying. In fact, most people actually don’t know what faith exactly means. Especially when it comes to God, they think that joining hands and fasting is faith. But it is actually a type of emotion which should come by heart.
    Very nice thoughts. Keep writing.( ╹▽╹ )

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