Are you depressed…?

To all those sharing random depression helpline Number..

Dear, you need to understand:

Firstly, It is very hard for a depressed person to accept that – they are Depressed.. and to be honest if you speak about it to someone who don’t understand depression… Most of them will take it as a joke and label you as attention seeker… XYZ!!

The best thing someone can do if they are Depressed is.. to self analyse their thoughts and find the root of the problem! Half of the problem will be solved already.

And if you are really keen to help your friends, or someone who is depressed – Just drop them a message such as:

“Good Morning… have a great day ahead.. do let me know if you need something.. I am here!”

Do not force any conversation, let it flow naturally… And eventually they will share their problem and ask for advice..

I will share some tips soon on: How to divert the mind of a person who is continuously thinking about suicide. Stay connected!

3 thoughts on “Are you depressed…?

  1. Sometimes all we need is for someone to say “ it’ll be okay” or not be judgmental when we’re feeling down… maybe be more understanding… sometimes we get tried of fighting the demons in our head and all we need is a break…

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    1. I agree but we need to make sure.. that break need to add life to our life.. and that break should not “break” us.. and speaking about sharing Depression with someone.. we just know whom to share with and whom not to.. and when we find that person life starts to change…

      And indeed everyone in life.. find those.. who understand.. and helps in gaining clarity…!

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