I promise to question my fear!

I promise myself today:

To question every single fear that dwell within myself and to ask myself… How did they even enter in my mind at the first place?

After many years of observation I am understanding… We are very loyal to our past beliefs… and most of the time those beliefs were built on a very lossy foundation – Lack of knowledge.

It’s very hard to change those beliefs which produces fear… But I have felt it myself once those beliefs are challenged and a new outlook is provided… They (old fears) disappear in seconds and our perspective change suddenly. And you are no more afraid of what you used to feel fear from…

I am loving this challenges which is opening my mind to another dimension which is better than my previous state of mind.

Today I understood. Why a child is fearless until you put something in his mind – Dear don’t do this or this will happen.. etc..

Today I ask you – What do you fear the most? Why?

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