I saw it again!


My Dear Blogger friends across the Globe!

I remember the last time I promised you all to stay in touch with you! And to engage on your post if I like them I will like, comment and share! I remember it very clear and I am trying to acknowledge all my 1280+ followers day by day!

I remember when I started this journey it was about Myself – My likes, dislikes, choices, experiences, observations, stories, quotes and many more things which included the whole world! But with time I saw many of my close blogger friends took their path and I pursued mine!

But the best part which keeps me inspired to share with the world! With you is – I love it with people across the globe get the chance to read someone’s thought who is living in entirely different part of the world!

Over the period of 3 years and around 1260+ posts on my blog – I observed we all are connected and speak the same language! The language of Humanity… Love, care, affection, mental health, our thoughts and perspectives to make our lives better and the world around us!

I remember that time also when I dedicated my blogs to other bloggers, and then got forward from the expectation of writing for someone else. I write for myself because I am not obliged to write for someone else. But once in a while I dedicate my attention to those who are inspiring the world in their own ways!

If you are new to blogging world, and you are following me – I am sure you will find my presence around! Because I love to welcome all those who are looking forward to express themselves in their own imperfect – perfect ways!

I just want to tell you all… Your presences from across the world boosts my hopes and Inspirations! Yes I am talking about – YOU!

Stay tuned… And you will find me around! And if you are new – Check my previous posts.. Maybe that is what you are trying to find in life!

The world is my home (till I am alive), and the people are my own people!

Pic Credits: Mary Wollstonecraft

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