Biggest Irony!!

Irony – People attack those (verbally through words/comments) who ‘they think’ commited something wrong. WITHOUT having the slightest or complete knowledge of the scenario, and chain of events that took place which bought to the particular crime/wrong act/Fake incident to take place.

But the biggest irony is – These very same people who attacked the wrongdoers and acted as if they are the judge and the pious one… They themselves uses abusive words and degrading sentences to attack… and think – This act is justified because they are angry and they can speak anything they wish to 🙄

I mean really? How deluded people are 😶

8 thoughts on “Biggest Irony!!

    1. Sometimes it’s not personal. But the damage is done to the whole society.

      And in any case to abuse or slander is the biggest crime. Atleast for me!

      But we all can definitely have our opinions 😊

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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