I love to write and share – And they called me – A Writer and An Author

I love to give speeches and make people’s life better – And they called me – An Insightful Public Speaker

I love to listen to people’s life experiences – And they called me – Best Listener

I wanted to express myself and share stories in my voice – And they called me – A Podcaster

I love to help in uplifting humanity – And they called me – A Volunteer

I love to comfort people by sharing my knowledge and wisdom – And they called me – A Counselor

I love to spend time alone and think deeply about life – And they called me – Deep Thinker

I love to share my positive vibes and thoughts with others – And they called me – A Leader

I choose to maintain people’s privacy by not sharing their personal information – And they called me – The keeper of Secrets ..

How strange everything is – I did everything good – Because I love it – And they kept giving me Labels!


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