Coming to halt!

With all the motions losing it’s fame..
I heard them saying – They are not busy today!
With all their rushes coming to halt..
I saw them sitting together with their families after soo long!
Though they are forced to stay at home, but for the first time today – Daughters and sons will know what a father do to run and support the home!
Though his presence stays eliminated most of the time, today I found him more concerned with his priorities and health of his children and wife!
But what surprises me the most – Is – Do we really need a #coronavirus to stay close?
Yesterday, I saw a video of a community singing from their apartments – Made everyone feeling connected and alive..
What was more strange was – Noone wants to stay alone and die..
Now, It’s time to remember we are humans – So never ask me again for my caste, creed, race or religion!

Coming back to the motion we spoke about – I want to ask you again – When was the last time you looked into your children eyes? Sharing the stories about the world where you and your parents once used to reside!

In the mist of all these choas, I found peace and love when they said – Dear stay alert and take care of your health! You mean a lot to us!

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