I am terrified….!

I am terrified, really I think so..! But am I terrified or excited for this new journey I am going to take..! I am sure you know – I love to give presentation , and has been acknowledged and won in intercollegiate competitions too. But this time it’s not about me representing my idea, but an organization I am working for. In 3 days I have to deliver around 10 orientations to create awareness about the conference we are organizing in that city. Yesterday, My senior booked up my bus ticket and my hotel accommodation. From that moment itself, I am feeling sick or terrified – But let me tell you something , this Is not the first time I am facing this zone, this has happened before when I was going to deliver that same presentation twice in Intercollegiate competition, and then I won. But when I feel sick and terrified I feel like something within me becomes pure, or you can say – It increases my awareness, and sensitivity.

So I acknowledge this emotion, and I am familiar with it – So instead of panicking I thought to write, because writing makes my mind free and clear. And helps me to calm down, and focus on the things which are important at present.

I got the content today, so have to prepare myself at the best, I am not terrified now, as much as I was when I started writing this. I know I can do this, because I love to deliver  presentation. And it feels home when I am on stage. So I know this is not a sickness I am facing now, but something within me is excited, because I am travelling ALONE..! So I have no reference point of how it should go, or how should I deliver it – So to figure out myself – I have to take this risk, a risk which is unknown to me, but I am going to make it the best. They say experience life as never before, by taking calculated risk. So here I am, heading to a place, which I know Just by Name. But this is going to be a journey worth taking. I remember in my previous blogs I wrote a letter to my present self when I will be 25 years old. Seems like the words are coming to effects.

I feel better now, somewhat aware about my next steps. A journey worth taking starts when you are terrified to take that first step…! Beginning of a thriller, called Life..!


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