If you become normal with ‘GREAT‘, then believe me – Your normal will take you to different places across the world…!

But remember one thing, this ‘GREAT’ is not something – “You” keep repeating to yourself. But people across the world will “sing” this song of greatness for you..!

4 thoughts on “Great…!

  1. Peace be upon you dear friend.. First of all I apologize for the delayed reply for your question on my blog..
    The best thing I like in your blog is motivating people to go forward and lifting them up.. You give us a power through your posts to come over our problems..
    Keep the good work dear Abdul Ghani Bunjabi.. Best wishes. And accept my apology I was so busy the last week with my family.

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    1. Assalamalikum.!

      It’s totally fine.. I understand we are all busy with our lifestyle.. but I hope you are doing good..! And I am happy to know my post uplift you.. all the very best.. for life..!

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