To figure out your passion, ask yourself about your ambition..
Because without a clear purpose, you are on a lossy mission

What make you happy, is it internal or external?
Ask yourself do I utilize my power to choose wisely, or I waste it surfing on internet and playing Pub-g just to prove that fake world I am in control of the situation…

Let me tell you more about our future life’s orientation, we will have degree in hand but our mind – blank without any solution…

They keep telling the world, We engineer are suffering because there are no more job in the market but they often forget to say – Actually we not capable…

You can scan my resume, and find it filled with great achievements – but if you tell me to solve a practical sum – I may run away from the interview seeking for emergency call situation !

I envy those who earn lakhs in month, even though they scored less in their final’s then I scored in my recent CAT examination.

But today I want to speak the truth which rarely anyone will accept, because we just want jobwithout actually having those skills-set which will fulfil the job profile and conditions !

Deep down they all know they lack with req. skills, but they swear to keep increasing their ignorance bills..

I don’t speak against the women and their spirit, but those women out their who lack the required skills blame the government for not having reservation for women in organisation and business setting..

When words like equality, is misunderstood worldwide – Where once women used to fight at her in-laws home for rights, now she protests against the business that was running even without her existence in the premises.

We say corruption is spreading worldwide, but tell me something – when the police catches you without helmet – who is the one to say – Chai pani leke chodona bhai..

We consider ourselves to be the youth oriented country, inspiring the young generation to follow their passion and build up an entrepreneurial life – while the youth is busy criticizing the govt.. for doing nothing and sitting idle.

They ask me how do I speak so boldly in front of all this people with different opinions, aren’t you afraid they will judge you by your name, age and religion..

I am sure those who are listening to me will surely have 2 opinions, either they will oppose me, or they will take some time to think whatever I said, was it true? And later they will support me in my mission.

Again I stand here with courage to say – Every single opinion matters – but make sure not to force anyone to follow your opinion !

As I said, the people with knowledge will support me in my mission, because is easy to remember, and the blogs are authentic with my personal insights and how I gathered courage after years of silence, numbness and lack of emotion.

Now I am on my purpose to follow my vision – which is to inspire the world with forgotten knowledge and to bring parents closer to their depressed children’s !

To end it let me inspire you with this thought – Make sure the certificate you got for free at the time of birth, but now make sure you earn the next biggest certificate (Death) following your vision with hard work, truth , and dedication !

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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