Confidence..? What is it?

Confidence – An illusion? Low-self esteem? Facing Fear? Courage?
On hearing the word ‘confidence’ what is the first image that appears in your mind? Maybe Nelson Mandala or MalcomX. Or someone wearing a professional suit and standing in front of hundreds delivering a speech.
What is this confidence people keep telling each other about? When they say “You don’t have confidence”. Is it regarding the way we look? or the inability to perform a task when you know you can?
Let us know in depth how can we boost our confidence to know – What Is confidence.
Here are few of the ways to boost confidence:
1) Educate yourself: When you have no clue about a particular topic, idea, area you feel lost, confused, and frustrated when someone question you about that particular thing. From this we understand confidence is related to knowledge. When you have knowledge about a particular thing you feel good and prepared – That very thing is termed as confidence.
2) Practice: When you have acquired knowledge, it is important to organize it in a way which will be easy for you, as well as others to understand. So practice can take place in any form such as – writing, speaking in front of mirror, singing in the shower, or dancing in your bedroom.
3) Observe: One of the most valuable skill that people use to ignore nowadays is Observation. When your mind is alert and focused on a particular thing, it gets into a mode where imitating/learning becomes easy.
Eg:- If you are interested in public speaking, watch videos of public speakers – How they deliever their speech, their content. And how they build interest in their audience through their speech.
4) Imagine: Visualization – When you have a pre-formed image in your mind about a particular thing, you can choose to add emotions into it.
How will it feel to stand in front of hundred of people? How will it feel when they will show interest in your speech? How will the session end – Everyone smiling, happy to be there at your speech.
5) Experience: Experience is a great teacher. To visualize is hard, but to experience it as real is tough. To gain experience,visit one of the session of your interest, and feel the emotions that arises when you visit the place till you leave it. You will experience multiple emotions keep a check on it. And use it at the time of Visualization.
6) Learning Mindset: If you think you know all – then believe me you will die due to boredom. When you think their is nothing more to learn, your growth will die, and along with that you lose your curiosity, excitement, and Joy at the same time. To build up your confidence you need to keep learning and updating yourself constantly in the area of your interest.
7) Try it: Everything you want to achieve in life, will only happen when you bring it into reality. For that you need to try it in-front of those who are willing to hear from you. This can be your family, friend, or a complete stranger. Show them what you have in you. And tell them to give their honest feedback to develop yourself, the more constructive criticism you get from the right people the more stronger you get in expressing yourself.
The word confidence has lost it’s real meaning, because everyone view it in different sense. So let not the word confuse you because when you understand what it means, you will never use the word again when you feel low.



— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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