Path to self-love..

“Self-love is the source of all our other loves.”
– Pierre Corneille

Since past few years, the topic of self-love has been considered the central focus of life. Self-love is described as loving our own-self. But one may get confused thinking, what does the self consist of? And how exactly can we get deeper into life and love ourselves.

So here are few way that will guide you towards loving yourself:-
1) Love the child: Within us all, there is a child that wait for us. He needs assurance that you love him, care for him, believe in him, and are willing to guide him. Everyday visit that child and love him as you love a child, kiss him on the cheeks, and hug him tight – And you will feel yourself loved every time you meet him.

2) Identifying you core Believes and Values – When you dig little deeper and question yourself what you believe in, and what limits you put on your mind. You will learn that you have unconsciously chose misery, and you have distant yourself from love.

3) Getting Involved – Getting involved in planning your daily life – What you want to do today? How you chose your day to be? What emotions do you want to invite today – Love, Misery, Anger, Sadness?

4) Acknowledging your achievements – We often miss this part of our life. Most of the time we get soo attached with the current failure that we forget what we have achieved till now.

5) Take care of your body, and mind: A healthy mind filled with good thoughts, healthy expectation, and knowledge never get prisoned in the world of “so called definitions” of things. When you are aware of our-self, Your love within will multiple 7 folds.

6) Following what you like/Interested In: People call it passion, but most of them who haven’t met their passion yet can follow things they like or interested in, such as – Reading, writing, dancing, singing, cooking, etc.

7) Surrounding yourself with real friends: We have a habit of assuming. Assuming that the people we know are our friends, but real friends are those who help you to build yourself up. They may criticize you, taunt you, or hurt you – but behind everything they do, they do it only for you to help you reach your truest potential.

To love ourselves the process starts from within. Wherever you are, whatever environment you live in, the way you think, and the things you over-look – Everything is decided by you. Everything takes place within you, and you choose how to interpret everything outside.

Self-love is not about having “I don’t care” attitude, But about the attitude that says, “I care” about myself, and the way I choose to interact with the external environment.

#About self love..

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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