I look into his eyes, and kiss him on the cheeks..

Every single day and night, I visit this kid who lives in dark alley. His only inspiration is me.. When he sees me he rejoices, and when I carres him – he feels safe and secure.. 

He always gets inspired when I visit him, and it seems like apart from the whole world he waits for me.. This words of mine still fills his eyes with tears of joy, because he feels love…

You Matter, lovely child.. You Matter..

Your soul matters, Your believe in God & Prophets Matters, Your thoughts, Your choices, Your decisions, Your comments, Your health, Your stamina, Your eyesight, Your Moves, Your personality, Your behaviour, Your attitude, Your heart, neck, lungs, intestine, legs, hands, fingers, nose, ears, hairs, teeth. It all matters.

Your Family, Your friends, Your taste for food, Your fav. color, Your fav. game, Your voice, Your way of walking, Your life, Your blogs, Your youtube videos, Your art, Your book, Your achievements, Your Memories, Your learning mindset, Your trail & error method of learning, Your EXISTENCE, Your tears, Your happiness – joy – cheer, Your environment, Your senses, Your responsibilities, Your observations, Your help, Your Expressions, Your hobbies & Interest, Your Time, Your Dreams, Your goals, Your commitments, Your leadership, Your LOVE, Your worship, Your choice of food and vegetable, Your clothes & way of dressing, Your Opinions & suggestions, Your writing, Your playing of sports, Your communication skills, Your fluency in language, Your courage, Your Inspiration, Your ME TIME, Your believes, Your prespectives, Your feelings, Your judgements, Your thinking, Your choices of spending money, Your Experiences, Your Adventures, Your flexibility of mind & body, Your Curiosty, Your Amazements, Your Promises, Your Path,  Your photos, Your Messages, Your wishes, Your speed, Your awareness, Your passion, Your Inner-child, Your preferences, Your Smile.. and finally..


After listening to all this, He hugs me tightly and takes a deep breath.. and with a smile he says.. Abdul Gani Punjabi though you are grown up, but you know how to love yourself. The child that lives inside everyone wants to hear this from you, and not from the external world…


All rights reserved 12/sept/2018

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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