She said: This kind of love is rare….

….. I looked straight into her eyes and said:…

In search of “This kind of love”.. We forget.. The ordinary love is unique in itself…

…. She smiled and said: How do you read my thoughts..?

I was quiet yet speechless.. Asking myself.. Did she already heard what I said?


15 thoughts on “She said: This kind of love is rare….

      1. by that I mean.. addicted to anything.. ! Kind of possessive.. This time.. ! It’s free from all barriers.. No fear to lose.. or to keep !!


      2. That’s what I said.. ! eg: I “had” addiction of mobile phone, peoples.. etc.. ! But now I don’t try to control those things.. Let it flow as they are


    1. Yes.. Specially when it occurs unexpectedly.. with someone u never met, at time u never thought.. ! And specially when u step back and say.. ! Let’s GOD takes the wheel.. — I am done.. ! That’s when It happens.. But yeah efforts are required when found one.. !

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