The mystery…

The mystery of the world unfolded before my eyes, when I saw above the horizon where the stars lies..

They said, ‘This is it’ – there are no lives outside. But my heart said – If sun is a Star, then what are those I see with my naked eyes..

Star, The size of it is unknown to me, when I heard them saying thousands of earth forms a sun, which is the star..

O Creator ! what are the mystery that lies behind the universe you formed which I cannot understand by my limited mind..

A galaxy they say which consists of billion of planets, and stars which are infinite…

Your infinity have no limits, and I lack the understanding of the function through which you run zillions of galaxies in the first heaven which you say is lowest of all the seven heavens you created magnificent and high..

Where do I stand? And does my existence even counts? aren’t I like a corn seed to you lost in the Sahara desert where there is no trace of my existence and life..

But you had mercy on me through the wisdom and knowledge you shared with the pure and pious who exalt you every morning, evening and night..

I know you sent me for a reason, and your plans are beyond my imagination resting very high…

I thank you for making me realizing the world is too small, to live and the life of the hereafter is eternal – ever ending life…

If the creation is so small, then the believe in the Creator is what I need to conquer the world with the love that hides behind my soul, in the physical body which I have in this life…

—- Copyrights Reserved 2018

Abdul Gani Punjabi

6 thoughts on “The mystery…

    1. My pleasure.. I am glad that Riman – we think deep.. May GOD bless us, and provide us with best of the knowledge.. and protect us from all evil.. and make is firm believers πŸ’œ..

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