Need a Revolution… Indians…

To:- The Proud citizen of India 🇮🇳

Respected Sir/Madam

I, Abdul Gani Punjabi of Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics – (NSS – ‘National Service Scheme’ volunteer) TYBMS student would like to inform you about the true crises we are facing with waste management.

The problem is in the disposal of waste material. When we focuses on the problem of usage of plastic and other non-renewable resources, we must first became aware of the fact that – We do not have enough dustbin installed in our city/area to dispose of the waste.

Mostly population of our city consists of people who are traveller, and when there are no proper disposal function, it create a chaotic system.

I request you to contribute to the society, or help the BMC to install more dustbin for the betterment of our country.

I hope for a positive action from your side.

From: – A proud Citizen of India
Dated:- 14/July/2018
Thank you 😊

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