For I had heard your call, And I see you miss me in those moments when we were together...

I am here trying to convey a message to you, hope it reaches you before you reach down here to me..

You have loved me, so do others love you, don’t get lost into yourself thinking you have no one to look after you..

My life was a lesson you learnt so well, You have a gift – now use it too and fro..

They love you for what you are, I wanna say this right in-front of you..
But I wish my voice reaches your heart, through a soul that cares for you !…

Move ahead my love, You have a gift called life – where you are alive so are the others who are in love with you..

Tell me – What’s better?

To move ahead in life and find new love? or to stick to my memories when I am not physically with you ! …

You are free to move ahead in your life… This is a permission I gave for the one I love who is in the material world with my memories that are NOW rarely true

Your lover

Picture Credit: Google

copyright reserved 2018

— Abdul Gani Punjabi