My lack of expression, was his power to grow !

We were together playing in a flow..

The harder he hit, the harder was my stroke..

The flow was on, so was the energy burning within my soul..

He saw the fire, and acted like water to extinguish my glow..

It was going well, but my expression were low..

He read my face, and got energized by seeing I feel defeated… and he used my expression as a weapon, to weaken me from the ground I stand firm grounding my mind,body and soul..

With every stroke he gain the power to extinguish my burning soul…

My expression are my weapon, I wish I knew…

His element was water and mine was burning fire in the soul…

He won the game, and I learnt how to express my courage when fallen down to the one who knew how to use expressions as a weapon, and a power to grow !

— Copyrights Reserved 2018

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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