Are They true friends?

F(friend) 1 :- How is your girlfriend?

F 2:- Which one?

F 1:- The one you spent your whole month with..

F 2:- Nothing much… I don’t like her anymore..

F 1:- Got someone else?

F 2:- Yeah.. Through Facebook

F1 + F2 asks me:- What about you Abdul? What’s going on?

Me:- The world is ending, people like you are wasting your life behind girls.. Earthquakes, cyclones, tornados, floods have taken all over the world.. What else can I say ?

Just focus on your life.. And save yourself before you die !

F1 + F2:- What the !!!!!! Congratulations, here is your home – NOW get out 😠

Those who really understand Will know what am talking about..

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