Naked I stood…

I have just emerged into existence, and all I see is spirits around ..

They all seems similar but the atmosphere is quiet and silent which horrifies me to make a sound..

We all stood humble, and there was an announcement..

Whom do you believe in? What is the Truth..?

To my surprise altogether everyone replied, You are our creator O GOD/ALLAH. And upon you we rely...

What is the promise you are making to me, when you will be granted a worldly life?

We will associate no partners with you, and will worship you Alone, without any other beside..

There was peace all around, The white light was too bright..

And then I opened my eyes, naked I lied in the hands of a women later whom I will call mother in my life…

Growing up was not easy, but each steps paid it’s price..

She taught me to believe in Good, because evil was weak and never supported us in life..

I took the other path, where I chased the material things – thinking of it as a source of peace and happiness, BUT i cried in vain when I had every worldly thing but no QUALITY time..

My children visited her and learned from her more about life, they are happy today and I am feeling lost from deep inside..

What’s wrong with me? I asked thousands of doctors but they replied in disbelief, thinking I was sick and needed some time to think about life..

Oh wait, Don’t burry me – I am alive..

I can see you, hear you, and feel you.. Why are you leaving me alone here in this grave to die?

I heard the angels approaching asking me, What were you sent for? and who is your creator? answer me without a sigh..

I wished i knew, I made a promise to the Creator – that I will follow his path, through guidance he sent to the human kind..

But I was lost in the race where everything was important except the one who bought me into existence and made me conscious and alive..

Woe onto me, for I have disbelieved in the creator whole my life..

Naked I stand here, again infront of the Creator/GOD/ALLAH.. with a book that has all my life..

What evil I did to myself? Woe onto me for I disbelieved in the Creator when I was alive..

Send me again, so I can follow your path and never go astray as I did first time, Are you listening to my cry?

You are alive now, make it the best before you meet your Creator, and do not curse yourself for not doing good enough in this life... because you still have breath – that are valuable as much as being alive.. GOD is most forgiving, ask him once, and all your evils will be warded off, leaving you on a straight path – If you are a man of Understanding who hate falsehood and lies..


— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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