Let them cry.. Yes ! Do as I say

Dear Empath,

It’s not so hard to see how the energy vampire sucks our energy every time and humiliate us. There are many out there who want to get their work done by suppressing us, or using force upon us.

We empath have always faced issues when this kind of narcissist, used their words to discourage us, and break our believes that we can achieve good in this life.

This souls are troubled, confused, lost, unheard, and suffering – but they are not aware of their behavior and inner-needs. That’s when empath comes into play, when they listen to them and feel their unconscious needs, empath have this instinct nature to create balance. They want to make everything perfect, their sensitivity is so high that they feel numbed when they are with/around narcissist, or do something which they don’t wanna do. They have a history of saying “Yes” when they wanna say ‘NO’.

Dear empath – We need to understand this, In life we have our own stories to write. Many of us overlook our own inner-needs, and value. Trying to help fellow narcissist. But the results will be ultimate failure because when we ourselves are unstable we won’t be able to helps others.
Things we empath must do before helping others :-

  1. Look at our own mental, physical, emotional needs first.
  2. Love yourself, your body, your thoughts, your believe, your surrounding, your whole being in this world.
  3. Heal our wounded soul (we have many wounds – childhood trauma, bullied, sexual abuse, hatred, misunderstood, forced to do something against our will – it just that we suppress it).
  4. Work upon our mindset – Create our own value. When we have our own values – whatever others says, it will not matter.
  5. The inner-child need safety and security, but specially he/she want to get heard.. SO LISTEN – Silence is the key to connect deeper with ourselves.
  6. Never underestimate your guts feelings, we sense energy faster than others, so trust your guts.
  7. Plan and work.. When working with a narcissist – Make a plan of what to reply when he/she says something ill or do something strange, if you can’t do that, then try to stay away from them, until you figure out your response for the next time.
  8. Understand your family, you might think they hate you, but it’s the lack of understanding, experiences, etc we are not aware of, they had a totally different lifestyle than this 21 century – At the end parents want there children to be happy, so do what makes you feels happy with, and automatically their part will be done.
  9. Be dedicated towards your purpose, mission, commitment, self-discipline, and time management.
  10. We frame the world. Just Imagine – Someone reading this right now, get a guidelines what to do, and then he/she started to use this in their lives. This life is connected to billion of different people – when you change, the world will be same but your mindset will be different, and your mindset will create opportunities that you thought never existed before.
  11. Finally the last one – YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE YOU – so be you, don’t imitate, compare, or copy others. But yes do learn from other people experience, failure, and success journey..

Dear Empath we are the healers, counselors, lawyer, arbitrators, connectors, guiders, creators (World level), and specially the message for people, to love and unite with the whole world.

(Feel free to share – Kindly don’t copy the content)

—–Abdul Gani Punjabi

10 thoughts on “Let them cry.. Yes ! Do as I say

  1. I liked your writing style.. interaction with feelings.. it’s nice and never read like this before. Liked the love-lust post as well. 😊 Keep writing πŸ’• thanks as an invite for the spams in my website πŸ˜‰β€

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  2. Interesting post. As a Natural Healer I am an Empath and there are very few Empaths in this world. About 5,000. Majority of people are sympathetic. Empathy is used in healing and is a gift not something you can learn. In reality most people behave in ways of what is expected. As a Healer it is important to spiritually cleanse and this can take years working with God.

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