(It was dark, She switched on the lights. The room was beautifully decorated, as it is decorated on a honeymoon night)

“She started making him comfortable, and started undressing him – That’s when the bell rang”

To be continued…

Now who is this ?” Angelina got irritated when the bell rang continuously.

(The banging on the door got louder, and John heard his name been called out)

Wait – Let me check“, John hurriedly walked towards the door.

When he looked through the key-hole, He was shocked.. There were three muscular boys, holding a base ball bat in their hands and were looking ready to break the door.

Who are they?” – John went back to Angelina, and tried to figure out “Why are they behind him“.

It was after 2 minutes, they broke the lock and got in. One of them slapped Angelina, and the other kicked her hard on her stomach. The third one went to John, and punched him on his eyes.

Leaving him bleeding on the floor, they took all the belongings of john, His watch, wallet, Gold ring, credit card, Mobile phone, shoes and even his blazer that costed around $599.

John tried to open his eyes, he could see the ceiling fan running very slow, a small window from where light hit his face, Walls on his sides and a torn-blanket on which he was sleeping.

John wake up its 5 am, We are getting late for the meeting“.. The voice was familiar, It was Richard his childhood friend.

“Richard ?” John said in amazement.

“Come on john, This is our life’s first business meeting. I dont want any excuses now” – Richard stood infront of the mirror fixing his tie, He dressed himself as a professional businessman.

John woke up, Pushed Richard aside (Friendly push) and looked into the mirror.

“What happened to my eyes – Richard?”

“You fall down yesterday, from the ladder while trying to fix the fan”

“When did that happened?”

“After we had a fight”


“Yes, When i told you the ladder was not strong enough to hold your weight”

“Hahaha” – John burst out in laughter..

I am driving” – John opened the main door, and started the car.

“No John, You sit back – I am driving. Look at your eyes, You can’t even see what’s infront”

“I am driving – That’s All” – John pushed the accelerator and moved ahead.

Okie – Just drive safely” – Richard said in frustration.

“John watch out, It was red light” – Richard shouted.

-^-^-^-^-^- Heartbeats falling -^-^-^-^-

“Wipe the blood from his eyes” The surgeon said, Pointing towards one of the doctor present in the operation room.

“His pulses are falling” – Said the doctor.

“Injection please” – Instructed the surgeon, To the nurse who stood at the operational tool kit”

“John, It’s hurting – Get me out of here” – Richard was in pain.

“I can’t move” – John replied.

“John, Shout for help”

” Help – Help – Someone please call the ambulance”

Richard bought his hand near to John, John pressed his fingers against Richard’s finger.

“I am sorry Richard” John started to cry.

“Richard? Richard? Are you listening? Richaaaarrdd” At that very moment John felt like a shock passed through his body.

“Doctor, he is losing his pulses” The nurse said slowly.

“Seems like a past memory had triggered his mind, and he is not able to get out of it”, Doctor replied.

“Richard, don’t leave me Alone.. Richard” – This was the last thing he remembered before getting unconscious.

It was 7 am in the morning when John slowly opened his eyes, and found himself lying on hospital bed.

“John are you okay?” – A beautiful women was, holding his hand.

“You ? I have seen you somewhere”

“Yeah, We met in the bar, And that’s when that girl took you with her”

“The bar tender?”

“Yes, When i saw those boys passing through the club, and climbed the stairs.. I knew something was wrong. I followed them, And saw them taking the girl away, and leaving you bleeding on the floor”

“Thank you for saving my life”

“Oh come on,Don’t make me embarrass”

“I mean it”, John replied.

Epilogue :- Later when John recovered from injuries, He tried to find out about Angelina, Which made him shocked as he found Angelina was working with those boys. It was her plan to call the boys and beat her so that it would make everything seems real, leaving her free from blame.

John and Elisa (The bar tender) became good friends, It was after a long time John got a friend like Richard. Elisa found herself in love with John, and ended up marrying John.

“Sometime in life, There are incidents that changes our perspective about life, Friends, Loves, Romance.

But when we decide to take hold on our life’s, We end up meeting those people who makes us feel complete, and guide us to the purpose of our life”

-Abdul Gani Punjabi

Unhappy Success – John are you happy (Part 1)