Yes I am Jealous..

Yes i was jealous, When i saw her sitting next to someone i don’t know in life.

Why is it, That everyone get someone special in life ?

I have given my best – but she said a lie, Our relationship was no more – She said with a smile..

What wrong had i did ? I kept asking her until i broke down and cried..

She didn’t even bothered to fake a smile..

Yes, I was jealous, When i saw that stranger next to your side, Pouring tea in your cup – is that what he does in the 5 star hotel when you booked a flat for spending your night..

I know your night might be amazing, Because you slept together side by side…

If you were going to meet him there, then why did you called me up and said a “HI”..

Yes, I was jealous, When i saw you placing your head on his lap, and he kept comforting you by massaging on your eyes..

Where was i lacking ? In physical touch or the understanding which i thought i carried from the old that had passed out of my life ?

Yes, I was jealous, When i saw him rushing to the hospital just because you had a headache and a pain in your spine… How can someone care so much for you – leaving his life on the side..

Yes, I am jealous, when i see you walking next to him – holding his hand, in the beautiful fields where once we used to sit and decide…

“What if” something like this happens – Will you be jealous OR you will remove me out of your life..

## What-if …..

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