My Life’s first kiss..

“Please don’t leave now, Be here with us” – Maria said.


That’s where it all started, The stranger sitting next to me strike a conversation in Arabic, And luckily i knew Arabic, so we went with the flow.. He said something which i don’t clearly remember, soon after that i got down from the bus and headed towards my “Friend (A girl whom i like)” house..

It was on the 22nd floor, when i knocked on the door – the door was already open, but i preferred to stand outside, and knocked once again.. a girl appeared next to me and opened the door and went in..

I said,” Excuse me, is “Maria” at home?” she looked at me, went inside the house and knocked the door next to her.. It was the bathroom just steps from the entrance, I stood lying against the door’s side wall, and when she came out from the bathroom, she looked towards me but ignored me, and went on the other side of the room..

I was confused, What should be done now ? When Maria don’t remember who i am !..

Let me describe her house, from the entrance after few steps on the left is a bathroom, and on the right side there is a hall, and next to the hall it’s the kitchen, and turn left from the kitchen there are 2 rooms one for her parents, and one of her… And straight from the entrance towards the end – on the right side there is another room.. So that how big and simple her house is..

Without saying a word, i kept moving backward.. I was looking towards the door, but i took a step back until i reached to the lift in which i came up.. And then a voice appeared for inside the house, It was one of her friend, they had a party that day so she invited 3 of her friends..

She said,” You see nowadays this clothes do not get clean, even if we use different powder to wash”

I was speechless now, She thought i was a salesman standing at the door to promote some cleaning powdered.. Actually i was dressed-up too formally so she mistook me as a salesman…

In the mean time all of them gathered around each other, 2 girls stood on the left side of that girl and Maria stood on the right side..

Then, That girl started to mimic her mother’s actions, How her mother keep telling her things which she do not like, then she started to dance.. Everyone was laughing at her.

Maria came towards me and said,

” Please don’t leave now, be here with us”

… I was more confused then ever, at first she ignored me and now she want me to stay ?

I looked at her, and walked towards the door – The 4 of them where now enjoying even more.. They invited me into the house, and the music was on.. They dance “Crazy” and they turned dim lights onn..

In the flow, One of her friend – came close to me, To be honest i had never been so “Physically” close to a girl as she was getting toward me.. I just closed my eyes, and i felt her lips on mine.. I was excited but at the same Moment, i didn’t knew what to do – and there we had a “Kiss“..

My life’s first kiss “BUT” from a “Stranger” i never met before..

At last, i moved myself away from her, and walked towards a chair, But then one of her another friend interrupted, and holded my hands.. And pulled me closer to her, I felt her heart-beats it was too fast, And her body was getting warmer, She kept one hand near my waist and another on my shoulder.. The darkness was getting more dark, I felt her body against mine, the aroma was sweat which attracted me more towards her.. and then she came more closer to me, once again i slowly closed my eyes and she placed her lips on mine, this time it was too intense.. It was a “French kiss”.. I felt her soft tongue, touching mine.. She pressed me towards her, and hugged me very tight.. It was irresistible. Slowly, we stepped back and she joined one of her friend, and started to chat..

Maria was busy with something, so she didn’t saw what happened.. After the party ended – her friends left..

From the room, next to the kitchen – Maria’s mom called her and said her to look after her granny in the next room.. (The last room straight from the entrance) We visited her, she was sleeping. Maria holded her hand, and looked towards me,” I love her – more than anyone else in this world”

I saw tears, gushing out of her eyes, I went near to her and comforted her with few words and a hug..

She was happy, i visited her after a long time – At an unexpected time, In an unexpected way … I am still clueless who ? were those girls who kissed me …

After few days, i received a call from Maria, her voice showed she was in anger.. What happened at the party night ? tell me the truth, i replied with honestly whatever happened.

She broke down, and i heard only few things while she was crying..

“I loved you, from a long time ago and that day i ignored you, Because i was feeling shy to tell my feelings to you. But You broke my Trust Now…”

It’s been 1 and a half year since that incident took place i “Deeply regret” for what i have done.. I could have resisted them for getting closer to me but i couldn’t..

Maria do not receive my calls neither does she replies to my messages..

I have lost someone special for someone’s temporary pleasure..

“Life has unexpected things in it’s way, In unexpected ways, If you believe in love – Kiss and hugs matters, But words of comforts are more important”

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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