We lost – But i learnt…

We have won 2 debates continuously in 2 different colleges, The response was “Awesome“.. We contribute our points together, and we work together. The Experience are amazing, because we give them valid points and we take care that the opponent feel comfortable to share their view on the topic.

Today we had a debate and i learnt something, Our points were valid, audience were interested, judges were agreeing with us. It was an elimination round, we were waiting for our name in the qualified list, as she was announcing the name we were excited – but our name did not appeared in the qualified list.

We left, without saying anything.. But as we were walking on the road, We said to each other – “Where did we went wrong?” .. Everyone said it was interesting, engaging, and on point.. So what made us lose.. ?

We decided to turn back, and go to the college and ask the judges what went wrong. Because we wanted to know our “Mistakes” – So that we don’t repeat it in future.

So we went back and asked them,” Sir, What made us disqualified ? What was wrong ? We just want to know

They smiled and said, pointing towards me,”You did well, points were clear, command on language was good, and you gave your opponent chance to speak, with respect.

Then, he pointed towards my partner and said,” He spoke well, but he was been aggressive towards the other team. The body language matter a lot. You guys did well, we decided to give you a chance… BUT”

He did not said anything further, So we left.. We did not got a chance but we got a “Participation Certificate” .. My debate partner (My friend) felt very bad and kept saying – “Just because of me we lose, I am So sorry – Please forgive me”…

I replied,” The best part is you feel bad – that Because of you “I” Lost.. So next time you will be more careful towards your aggressiveness”

He understood what i meant, and thanked me for supporting him ๐Ÿ˜Š

“Sometimes we win, Sometimes we lose – But The main part is “Team work” can build us or it can break us”

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

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