Things to Do…

– Never Give up

-Change your perspective

-Work Harder

-Don’t be afraid to take alone time..

– Stand for Yourself

– Find your identity – Start “NOW” … Time is yours if you believe it’s yours..

Reasons :-

☆ Break- up

☆ Love affair failure

☆ Limitation in life

☆ Divorce

☆ Childhood

☆ Internet (Over-use)

☆ Lack of Family, friends communication.

Help :-

■ Tell them you too have a story of depression.

■ Suicide – let’s do it together.. Because you believe that a 5 min walk will change their entire life..

■ Have a mission – With a vision – A dream that is worth living..

■ Stop Alcohol and drugs intake, and introspect yourself..

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi