When i feel lost, i have you to guide me, you are someone i feel comfortable around, we can talk on any topics, and the time seems to slow down..

Yes, I feel the love you have for me, your voice tell it all, I don’t need to announce your name, because you are special to me – and i know when you will read this, you just know it’s “YOU”..

Yes we are not of the same age, you maybe elder than me, or i maybe older than “YOU”…

We don’t spend time together, we just meet randomly, I don’t mind if you don’t call me daily, or text me… I just know you are there for me..

It was you who stood for me, Yes – You were honest in your opinion for me, If someone corrected me, I would ignore because it hurts my Ego, But when it’s “YOU” .. I just “Trust” you..

“YOU” are the one, i can count upon.. I know if i lost “YOU”.. I may not get the same person like “YOU”..

“YOU” matter to me, though we are far, but when we meet it seems like it was just yesterday we Met.. ❤

Yes this is for “YOU”

—– Abdul Gani Punjabi