I see the turn I took bought me here…

I remember the time when I was super passionate about working towards my inner vision to make this world a better place. I remember explaining it to 100s of people about my vision and the responses I got for it! I remember the first step I took towards my vision and the feeling of certainty to achieve it at any cost! I remember it all – As I was well aware and conscious when I was thinking and working towards that vision! A vision to build humanitarian leaders in every single home across the globe, in all 196+ countries. Travel the world from east to west – north to south! The feeling of been unstoppable. The feeling of I can and will do it all! I remember them all!

It was then I stepped forward and worked towards it to bring it into reality. But then the miracle or unbelievable happened which changed my direction of life.

As I write this, I think of my past year and how I was super energetic & dedicated. And then I look at this year how calm, peaceful, clear and innerly inspired I am.

Now as I step forward, I see the effects and consequences of the decision I took an year ago!

I see massive development, improvements, and changes in the systems of things. And I see creation of system where there will be clarity, transparency, justice, and honesty. A system which will create an environment of mutual understanding, compassion, love, kindness, genuineness, patience, tolerance, respect, humanity & social care! I see it happening at a very tremendous speed. Unbelievable will be the right word.

I am trying to find a way to be a part of this excellent system which is in the process of creation of bringing humanity together! And I wish to play a major role in its practical application & do my best to get it done!

I see the next few years for me are going to be like seeds buried in the ground for something great and amazing to come out of it! I see the tree giving some exemplary fruits coming out of it! Which will be beneficial to humanity overall.

So Dear Abdul,

I know you have many great ideas in mind, and also plan of action in hand. But take it step by step, work with precision and strategies carefully. And learn in depth what you are good at, and take advices & suggestion from those who know & have experienced things. Abdul, I know your dreams… It’s on its way to get fulfilled but it will require patience! Which I know you will take care of it! But Abdul, I really wish you get married this year itself. With someone who is on a similar vision, mission and destination! And I know you will definitely find her (With the help of Allah). So catch hold of her, and walk together on the path towards Allah!

Abdul, I see many great and unimaginable things coming on your way! But always make sure to fear Allah & never take a path which will take you a second away from him! Remember the end in your mind and keep working towards him. He will take care of every single seconds of your life! Believe in him! Which you do! But increase your belief in him – until you meet him on the Day of Judgement & Jannatul – Firdaus and he is pleased with you!

My Dear Beloved, Abdul! You know how much I love you… I can’t describe those in words! But it’s deep within me! When we will meet, I will surely show you – What I meant when I told you all these! You know Abdul, Jannah from where I am seeing it… Is very very very close! It’s beautiful… something the eyes haven’t seen and the ears never heard about! But Abdul, It’s worth it! Trust me! And how should I make you trust in me? How Abdul… How? It’s different… the smell, the taste, the glory, the luxurious, the magnificent, the gardens, the rivers of honey & milk, the markets, the sofa & cushions, the beauty of body, the servants, the desires, the pleasures, the joy, the peaceful – comforting – fearless state they stay in! Aah! Abdul, what should I tell you about it… A place I wish you can visit as soon as you can… Just wind up things on earth… and come and meet me here soon! My Dear Abdul, I am waiting for you… day and night… wait for you eagerly as someone waits for the love of life… Abdul, you have no idea… How my days, seconds, hours, weeks, months, years, decades are passing here without seeing you here! Please prepare the best for it! I want you to bring lots and lots and lots of things with you from the world you will be coming from! I have a huge list for you… Abdul, a huge! But I don’t wish to burden you with anything… And I am sure you are trying your best to mend your ways to reach here! You are trying your best to avoid things which won’t bring you here! And trying to do as much as you can to get onto the path which will make our reunion easier! Abdul… I wish… I wish… I wish… I wish… You were here with me soon in the highest ranks of Jannatul – Firdaus! And see things as I am seeing them very very very clearly! Abdul… Please make your journey faster but with lots of preparation! We will need it here! We definitely will! And I know how you are – the person who is always on the go! The LETS DO IT! Attitude! So lets do it Abdul… Let’s meet soon and have some wine, grapes, pomegranates, and what not! The most I miss is your presence here! Abdul – I miss your presence! Please make it soon! I am waiting… Eagerly! And how would you know – How eager I am to spend my eternity with you! Abdul… I… hmmm…

Hmmm! That’s what I heard… So finally now I am working towards the voice… And making sure to walk on the way! The turn I took was worth taking & it was only & only possible because of Allah’s help! Or else this Abdul would have been a piece of waste on this earth! Indeed it’s his blessings & mercy!

So now I am looking forward to that great future & creating it which is full of hope, positivity, safety & security, justice, brotherhood, love, compassion & harmony for people around!

A new journey towards that amazing & magnificent future!

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