Time to carve ways for School & University Students!

After critical analysis I understood, the school and university students require & are searching for simple guidance during their educational years.

Hence, I decided to start sharing necessary topics for students & inspire them to use the pandemic wisely.

The topics selected are as follows:

1) How to speak confidently in your school assembly/online meeting?
2) How to tackle conflict in school/university?
3) How to contribute confidently in school/university teams?
4) How to lead effectively as a Chairperson/Headboy/Headgirl?
5) How to become better at projects & assignments during graduation?
6) How to stand out from the crowd and create a dynamic personality in school/university?
7) What are the best ways to learn & revise for exams?
8) Experimenting life during school/university years via social & cultural events?
9) Benefits of engaging in community service as a volunteer during school/university years?
10) Benefits of Interning during university years?
11) Best ways to educate yourself during the pandemic if you are a student?
12) Ways to figure out your career?

If you wish to find the answers and enhance your skills, make sure to follow my page!

Your Caring & Supportive Guide,
Abdul Gani Punjabi,
(Founder & CEO of Inspiring the 21st Century, Author, Visionary Leader, International Podcaster, Blogger, Critical Thinker, Guest Speaker & Humanitarian Activist)

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