A time comes when we must embrace the new and let go of the old.

A static world is a dead world. You cannot step into the same river twice because the water is in continuous flow.

What worked yesterday has no guarantee of working now. The best solution of today turns out to be the headache for tomorrow.

Change of plans, policies, procedures, processes and people is a sign of progress. Times come when leaders must let go of the status quo because it would have become too messy.

When new beginnings knock, do the honourable thing of embracing such.

Failure to change and even the resistance thereto ultimately pushes you and the system you are trying to protect on the wayside.

As long as we talk of today, that is great enough a sign that yesterday has died last night.

How come you want to bring everything old into the new.

Even new wine cannot be contained in old wineskins. The new wine has the power of destroying the old wineskins.

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