I heard about you, Abdul!

Date: 20/03/202#

Dear Abdul,

I hope you are not only doing well, but doing phenomenal things. I remember you shared your vision of creating a world filled with peace, unity, harmony, safety, security, and a feeling of care and concern for everyone! And I see that happening today, now I understand the things you used to speak about in 2021; it is indeed a long vision which you are pursuing. I heard about the courses of T.I.F.M.Y’ Schools and Universities, they are ranked number 1 in the world because of its quality education, and the leaders which has emerged from your universities, are pursuing the path of excellence and serving humanity like never before eyes has seen nor the ears have heard. And I still get messages, calls, texts, and invitation for high level meetings – Asking about your thoughts, views, vision, and how you created this great libraries, hospitals, restaurants, airports, centre and banks in 200+ Countries, and united the 7 Continents.

They ask me to reveal your secret, which you told me few years ago, I remember. And your simplest answer was – Learn to have concerns for your family (Sons of Adam) and fulfil your duties towards the creation which Allah has assigned for you.

When I share this simple message of yours with the world, they look at me in “AWE” and reply with – That’s all?
But tell me Abdul, How do I define it for them? The phenomenal things you have done for the World, what keeps you inspired? Is it the world after this one, love of your creator, urge to meet your creator in the best way possible, or the desire to stay in the presence of your creator forever?

I have seen your affairs in terms of dealings; you try to keep the slate as clear as possible. And you are very careful and get the transactions done on time. And with the team you speak with politeness, and inspire them to become 1000x better than you? Is it because you know and understand – The future leaders need to be more developed and prepared for the upcoming world?

Today, I felt like having a word with you! I see your vision has created a massive shift in the functioning of the World, improving and connecting it 1000x better amongst each other. The strategies, management, executions, events, and initiatives you started reached to the farthest corner of earth! And the most beautiful part is most of them don’t even know you! And your history – But they have the urge to make the world a better place. I see them studying in the schools, universities and libraries so passionately that they forget the existence of time, and needs. And sometimes we have to remind them to have breakfast, lunch and dinner! And specially prayer time!

I see the spark in the eyes of the kids who enters for the first time and a bigger and brighter spark on their faces when they move forward after schooling and graduating. And most of them come to me and say – We thought Islam and the Material World was 2 different worlds. But we got the clarity of both works together if the ethics and morals are rights, and all the fields that exists on earth is an Introduction to the Creator, and how he created things.

Abdul, When I see all this happening in front of my eyes, and people speaking about it on International Platform about the revolution you created by making the teachings of Islam available on larger scale, and the fun fact is, people are following the teachings and getting massive results, yet they are not aware it’s the beautiful teaching of Islam. I think the seed you planted is growing into tree and the branches are spreading across the globe.

But the reason to write this letter to you is the concerns about the people whom we spoke once about! If you remember we were discussing about those who will join the initiative for their own benefits and will mix their desires into the teachings of Islam and Quran. And you told when these kinds of people are found associated with this Initiative, remove them IMMEDIATELY, without hesitation, even if they are the representatives of Continents, and make a public announcement of their removal and give a clear cut reason as well for their removal. Because a decision on the basis on assumptions is never equal to the proofs and evidences collected. So remove these kinds of people immediately. Because people who are not aware about Islam will take them as a Face of Islam, and trust them blindly, which in turn will become a cause of presenting themselves (Desires) instead of representing the real teachings of Islam.

And speaking about this, I am glad we had this conversation before, because every single person associated with the T.I.F.M.Y.F family knows this clearly. And understand the severity of the behaviour on our community as well as others. I believe this made you stand out Abdul, which was to make things clear and easier for everyone to understand. And the rights which are given to all the T.I.F.M.Y.F Family to question the T.I.F.M.Y.F Brother or Sister if they commit something wrong, ask them in private by not humiliating them, but ask them out of concerns of why they did what they did, and help if they need any aids, and remove them if they starts to spread evil and corruption in the society.

Abdul, the world has changed drastically, things has taken its peak and I keep reading and finding so many extra ordinary news about our Family members doing phenomenal work for the community and themselves. The spark is back, and everyone wish to become of As- Sabiqqon. I see people rushing towards doing and spreading goodness when and wherever they can!

I have seen your journey from the start and I know you are backed by some special blessings of Allah, May Allah increase those blessings for you, and bless you the highest place on the day of Judgement and make you stand right behind Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and bless you the most beautiful palaces in Jannah (I know you admire mostly just to stay in presence of Allah, and the rest are bonus for you!) But keep pursuing the blessed vision of yours, and may Allah bless you with the best of the best faith, knowledge, wisdom, strength, courage and make all the affairs of this world easier and more easier for you!

I hope you read this already, and trust me the path you choose is a correct one – Keep asking for guidance from Allah, and always remember our excellent Heros of Islam. They did it for you, without knowing you! So you can do it for others without even knowing their existence!

How beautiful death will be, when it will hold your hand…

Lead you to a World, where uncountable are waiting for you to share the situation of the Ummah with them…

And the smile on the faces of the believers in Barzah, will make you wonder if I have tried doing something well…

And the feast with them will be unique in kind, because it will explore more in the depth of minds…

And when the day of the Judgement will be held near, may Allah make us of those who do not fear…

Finding our books in our right hands, what more can one ask – Apart from a breath of peace at that time!

What beautiful world this is, where I see everyone standing, like a queue in banks for their turns of deposits.

What results have you yield Oh Abdul, Just think and decide – Just don’t fly in the air like an unbalanced kite…

Incidents were narrated, so the message arrived, but do you know who were the ones who ignited and awaked the sleeping souls? It was not you! But those whom you have never met, never seen, nor listened… but there message was one, so is life…

Spend it in the best way possible before the angel of death comes and take you together on the highest flight…
I will write back to you soon Abdul, Until then keep pursuing the path of excellence and always keeping your creator in Mind!

I am here! And I will be!

Your Future Self,
Abdul Gani Punjabi

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