Dear Abdul….


Dear Abdul,

I know it’s been 14 months since you joined I.I.M.U.N., and things have been a roller coaster ride in the start but with experience you are figuring out how things work. I remember you told me – 2020 was going to be year where you were planning to travel internationally and to many cities to conduct conferences. I remember your energy, excitement and the urge to explore more when you started through this opportunity. But  there you are in middle of the pandemic where you are working from home from many months. And figuring out a new schedule for yourself.

But I am glad to know you started your podcast and kept the language as Hindi to make sure it touches the heart. And I keep seeing your LinkedIn achievements as well. – Good keep it up. And I am still wondering what’s up with your photos on Instagram… Since when did you start sharing your raw pictures? Haha…


But I am seeing you evolving each day… talking to teachers, principals, students, CAs… conducting workshop and making it interesting and inspiring for the one who is attending… Isn’t this what you wanted from the beginning to inspire people around you?

And the team you are leading.. around 35+ people… I see your energy and excitement is increasing day by day… and the experiment which you do everyday with your leadership style is quite significant. I remember you wanted to be a CEO in your life… and I think you are already on your way there.. I appreciate your communication skills and your maturity when you take fair decisions. I am seeing you growing as I am personally keeping an eye on you!


I know I write such letters once in a while, but I write them when I know it’s time to write to you… I have learned some valuable lessons from you.. Which I admire.. And I would like to share them with you.. I know you don’t appreciate yourself much.. But I do… Because you deserve it..

  • Your energy and activeness
  • Your flexibility in team work
  • Your cooperative behaviour
  • Your willingness to explore your skills and talents
  • The way you introspect things and make them work in the simplest manner
  • Your voice
  • Your communication on text/call
  • Your habit of giving personalized experience
  • Your emotional strength.. especially when people resign from your team to focus on their career
  • Your art of listening and the way you engage lot of people in conversation..
  • The feeling which you share with people as if they are special..
  • The way you organize things…
  • The way you present yourself..
  • The way you humbly reply when you achieve something
  • Your way of sharing things in the form of story.. and the moral lessons
  • Your WhatsApp Status

And many more things about you! But I would again like to remind you about the things which will take you higher in life:

  1. Always have faith and prayers with you.
  2. Do not get confused with your personal self (Identity) with the title and position you get in life.
  3. Stay grounded even if you own the world someday.
  4. Be polite and respectful to all.
  5. Have a sense of purpose and mission in life
  6. Be proactive
  7. Maintain relationship with all kinds of people
  8. Focus on health and family… and then work!
  9. Create opportunities for yourself
  10. Before you sleep, make sure your heart is satisfied.

There are many other things I want to speak out to you! But for today… This is what I have to say!

I see your hardworks, efforts, lifestyle and the vision you have in mind! I am sure your mind’s flexibilty will help you out. And your character will always shine.

Take Care – Stay Safe!


Abdul Gani Punjabi

Your Future Self (01st September, 2021)

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