Not everything!!

Observation of life:

Everyone have their own thoughts, beliefs, philosophy, ideology, perspectives and understanding… And that’s what keep us human going… And make us more curious to know more…

But sometimes, we forget… That people are Individuals with their own thoughts and beliefs. And in ignorance we start to argue and debate trying to prove ourselves right…

I think that’s the worst mistake we can commit – It’s good to know what the other person think and WHY?

But to make the other person accept forcefully what I am saying is right – That’s the worst of the worst mistake a human can commit.

But yes, there can be situation of life and death where speaking up and standing firm on your thoughts are more important… But apart from that it’s totally waste to challenge a thought or ideology of others – Without actually understanding the other person’s perspective.

That is something in which we human lack: patience. Because no other person can be right – If I consider it wrong 🤫

Strange but true… Not everything need to be debated… Not everything should be left unnoticed.

But what should be done when… That is what matters!

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