I am still trying to figure out how our voices are different from one another! After having conversation with more than thousands of people consciously… I am wondering what makes one voice beautiful than another and how the voice of male is different from female!

Where is the origin of voice?

Aah.. I don’t want scientific answers..! But I want to wonder about the one who created those voices..! The Creator of all the Creation!

The Almighty God 💞

5 thoughts on “Voices!

  1. Actually, I have a philosophical take on it where voice is basically the desire to say something that perhaps has never been said. Their beauty lies in their difference as you said. Our free will is humankind’s most precious gift by the Providence. We should sharpen it and use it when we feel it should be the case. I feel sorry for all voices wanting to reach us. I hope they do one day.

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