I just tried little more… and it will be an Injustice to call it a failure..

I still remember when I was applying in colleges for my graduation, I applied in around 18 colleges across my city and other cities as well! I ran here and there to seek admission and did all the processes myself – The filling of forms, travelling, standing in queue for submission, going to those colleges for checking the list – If my name appeared!

But sadly, my name didn’t appeared in any of them, apart from few low level colleges which I kept as a back up. The reason was not my percentage but somewhere it was just a ‘.5’% because of which my name didn’t appeared. But since the beginning I had a college in my mind – Where I wanted to get admission and I prayed for it regularly!

But unfortunately, my name didn’t appeared in that college as well. But I kept a strong follow up and finally in the last list I saw my name – And got the admission in the college I wanted to get into!

During that period I got admission into other 3 colleges as well which I kept as a backup, but I kept them on hold and believed in the Almighty for good results and he made it happen!

I still remember those days, but today I see it as an experience of learning! I didn’t failed 15 times (because I didn’t got admission in those other colleges) but what brings a smile on my face is – I gave my best. I tried. I put efforts into all of it. Took a strong follow up. And then prayed for good results!

So, personally I believe – Failure should be seen as a mere word, let’s not attach any emotions to it. And I am sure no-one ever failed but they didn’t tried enough (maybe due to lack of information or knowledge)..

Would you like to share such experiences?

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