The Start of my Journey!

I still remember… I started my journey of ‘change’ with meditating in the wrong way.. then staring at the candle everyday (15 – 20 days) for half an hour to improve my concentration… and then started expressing my thoughts in my personal diary for almost one and half year… then started sharing my quotes on ‘Your Quotes’ (6 years back)… then started my blog and started sharing my thoughts.. then started sharing short stories, poem… and then with the urge to share more – I started my Youtube Channel.. then shared those vidoes on Instagram… and with an urge to read and write – I wrote my debut novel 2 years back.. and then slowly I came onto this professional platform… then started my podcast to share my voice, knowledge and wisdom! And today I am starting with collaborating with people on my Instagram page @thewayfarer_abdul !

Life is interesting if you know how to make it!

Join me live –
India Time: 10:30 P.M
US Times: 12:00 P.M

Check details on my #Instagram page!

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